The IT_XABCD is an XABCD draw tool that allows creating or identifying Gartley Butterfly and most other patterns. Includes various fib targets. Build 7v8.
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Manufacturer: Integrity Traders


The IT_XABCD tool will let the user draw a complex Gartley type pattern based on five anchor points, X, A, B, C and D, to identify five different waves.

  • X is the start of the trend
  • A is the end of the trend
  • B is the first pullback of the trend
  • C is the pullback of A-B (not breaking point A)
  • D is the target of the letter C.

When the tool is set to identify patterns, it will show the name of the pattern identified. If two different patterns have overlapping criteria, both will be identified. By default the recognition uses fairly strict rules with a +/- 5% tolerance. To use a more relaxed set of tolerances, set the strict tolerances setting to false and use or enter a different tolerance percentage (default 15%).

Patterns recognized are:

  • Gartley222
  • Butterfly
  • Crab
  • Deep Crab
  • Bat
  • Alt Bat
  • Cypher
  • Shark
  • Alt Shark
  • White Swan
  • Black Swan
  • Nen Star
  • 5-O
  • Anti Butterfly

  • Anti Gartley
  • Anti Crab
  • Anti Bat
  • Anti Shark
  • Anti Alt Shark
  • Anti Cypher
  • Anti Nen Star
  • Dragon
  • 3 Drives
  • NEW Cypher
  • NEW Nen Star
  • Anti NEW Cypher
  • Anti NEW Nen Star












Sample of the IT_XABCD tool with fib extensions and fib timelines.



Pattern identification tolerance zones, if enabled, shows
the tolerance zone for each identified pattern by number.
The actual high to low tolerance spreads may be less due
to tolerance factors in the A, B and C points.



Tool settings/options.


















Button quick change menu.

Here is an example using another tool, the IT_FibChan.


 You will also receive the Harmonic Reference Guide pdf, sample below.


Check out if you need training with this tool!

Article about trading the Gartley Butterfly pattern: Trading the Harmonic Butterfly Pattern Structure

Key Features

  • Can be used to draw Gartley type patterns.
  • Can recognize patterns.
  • Has fibonacchi extensions.
  • Has fibonacchi retracements.
  • Fib targets are user selectable from A to C.
  • Has fibonacchi timelines.
  • Settings are saved and retrieved with the workspace.

Change Log

12/22/17 - Added the Pattern identification Zone display option.

9/19/17 - Freed up a fib retracement slot by making the 100% fib always on when fib retracements are displaying.

9/11/17 - Added 3 Drives, NEW Cypher, NEW Nen Star, Anti NEW Cypher, Anti NEW Nen Star patterns recognition.

9/7/17 - Added pattern recognition for Nen Star, 5-O, Anti Butterfly, Anti Gartley, Anti Crab, Anti Bat, Anti Shark, Anti Alt Shark, Anti Cypher, Anti Nen Star, Dragon.

9/6/17 - Added pattern recognition for Gartley222, Butterfly, Crab, Deep Crab, Bat, Alt Bat, Cypher, Shark, Alt Shark, White Swan, Black Swan.

8/25/17 - Added tool to the store.


Wednesday, 13 September 2017
The IT-XABCD is a harmonic traders friend. The tool covers standard rules and relaxed rules with the ability to adjust the rules. Excellent PDF Reference Guide...big help!

Activate the tool on important swings YOU monitor to form the D Leg, if a pattern is hit, the tool will display the corresponding name. You can discover where the future reversal zone may form in advance! Then IT-XABCD can plot the correction possibility! Sweet tool. Picasso workmanship. Thank you, George