The IT_VolZoom indicator will help your VSA by graphically showing high volume bars regardless of time of day volume levels. Build 7v2
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Manufacturer: Integrity Traders


The IT_VolZoom indicator displays relative volume levels with color coded bars and an optional heat meter. It has a level selected alert system available. This indicator will show volume levels in context of the surrounding volume. You will not set a volume number as a threshhold which would vary per instrument or time of day. It is completely automatic.



Above is a typical chart.



This chart shows events and volume counterparts.



This picture shows the lower chart mapping intrabar zoom levels of the upper chart.

Upper chart sized to approximately match lower bars for illustration purposes.


IT_VolZoom allows the heat colors to be changed and also reset to the default mapping. The meter can be on the left or right or off. A pointer shows the current level on the meter. Alerts can be set to level two or above. Setting to level 0-1 will turn off the alerts.

Not available for NT6.5.


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  • Relative volume intensity displayed with colors.
  • Alerts can be set to a level.
  • Optional heat map color meter.
  • Optional price bar coloring.

Change Log

8/4/15 - Price bar coloring option added.

9/24/12 - Product added.


Tuesday, 08 July 2014
I have found this indicator very useful for NQ/YM/ES Index trading . I now only use this specific volume indicator with my preferred momentum indicator. Its a powerful combination.