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What is new or improved?

Important! Please see the NT7 info here.

** Added a forums to the site to help in the discussion of indicators, etc. **

5/10/13 - Fixed the RSS Feed option, above. Click on it to have changes to this page delivered to you. There is also a separate RSS Feed in the forums (symbol at bottom right corner) for keeping up with new posts.

10/11/14 - I will be adding Build (versions) designations to any indicator or tool that is reworked to help better understand if your product needs to be updated. The format will be: Build 7v2. This essentially means NinjaTrader 7 compatible and version 2. With NT8 the Build will start with 8v1. Find this info in the Parameters/Description of your indicator/tool and compare to the very top short description on the product page.

1/3/18 - Added a second tool to the IT_SpeedLines zip package with the name of IT_FibFan. Identical to IT_SpeedLines but defaults to the Fib Fan with a different default button color. The idea is to allow an indicator template to be made for each instead of having to resort to chart templates.

12/22/17 - Added the Pattern identification Zone display option to the IT_XABCD tool.

12/7/17 - Minor user requested update to IT_UniCounter. Added option to show the target prices if bar targets are active.

11/14/17 - Add the Pattern Pack to the store. It consists of three tools which compliment each other, at a discounted bundle price. The package includes the IT_XABCD, the IT_MMove and the IT_FibChan.

10/3/17 - Small visual update in MMlinesProPlus to add option to show the eights in the Y axis with price in Historical mode.

9/28/17 - IT_CursorGauge Build 7v6: Added location info option, bar # and price to a very fine resolution of the nearest tenths.

9/19/17 - IT_XABCD Build 7v7: Freed up a fib retracement slot by making the 100% fib always on when fib retracements are displaying.

9/13/17 - Added an Harmonic Reference Guide PDF to be downloaded with the IT_XABCD tool.

9/11/17 - Added new patterns to the IT_XABCD tool. The new patterns it will recognize are:

  • 3 Drives
  • NEW Cypher
  • NEW Nen Star
  • Anti NEW Cypher
  • Anti NEW Nen Star

9/7/17 - Added pattern recognition to the IT_XABCD tool. The patterns it will recognize are:

  • Butterfly
  • Crab
  • Gartley222
  • Bat
  • Alt Bat
  • Shark
  • Cypher
  • Nen Star
  • Deep Crab
  • Anti Butterfly
  • Anti Gartley
  • Anti Crab
  • Anti Bat
  • Anti Shark
  • Anti Cypher
  • Anti Nen Star
  • Alt Shark
  • Anti Alt Shark
  • White Swan
  • Black Swan
  • 5-O
  • Dragon

8/25/17 - Added the IT_XABCD tool, allowing user to draw Gartley type patterns with optional fib targets of various types.

8/21/17 - Added 500x to the manual Tick Adjuster selection in the IT_ChartSquare parameters.

4/7/17 - IT_MMove, at users' request, added ability to toggle the whole fib extension group on/off.

3/30/17 - Minor update to the IT_MMove tool adding a large text font toggle.

12/13/16 - Added option to round the lines to the instrument tick size in MMlinesProPlus. Warning: Because some lines may be rounded up and some down there may be uneven spacing. Re-ordered some parameter settings. The new parameter will affect a calling strategy. Reference the latest "TestExposedValuesMMlinesPP" indicator code.

12/5/16 - MMlinesProPlus: Hopefully fixed unintended problems with Auto frame introduced with the new minimum frame size selector (see below).

11/23/16 - MMlinesProPlus: Added minimum frame size selector for the Auto frame mode. Allows for skipping the smaller frame sizes. Selection is 2, 4, 8 or 16 frame. This adds another overload which will break a strategy calling this indicator.

11/3/16 - Added bar hovering and bar highlighting to the IT_BarInfo.

11/2/16 - ACE_V3: Modified parameters to allow the various Tick settings and the Volume setting to be changed by the user.

9/7/16 - Added price centering option to IT_ChartSquare. If the chart centering is enabled you are able to set a percentage of the vertical visible chart to keep the current price action within when the right axis is adjusted to a fixed size. A smaller square box size can be used in order to allow a cleaner chart. If the 'Show Margins' option is used, visible upper and lower lines showing the margins of the percentage of usable chart space for price movement will be seen while adjusting the right axis. Very useful in conjunction with tools such as IT_Emblem, IT_Quadrilateral, etc.

8/19/16 - Added IT_BarInfo bar analyzer. Quickly get all the info not available in the NT databox.

8/5/16 - Added option to display a user text 'Description' in the IT_ToolBarTime when using an alternate time zone.

7/15/16 - IT_ToolBarTime has a new option to display an alternate time zone. The default alternate is set to Central Time (Chicago).

4/26/16 - Added a parameter to IT_FibChan to adjust how far into the future to draw the fib lines.

3/31/16 - Added text size parameter and better text formatting to IT_VolRatioDeltaAlert.

3/16/16 - IT_Square, added fan lines with two settings, angle display option while drawing A-B line, extended squares option.

3/15/16 - Added a graduation multiplier to the IT_CursorGauge tool.

3/15/16 - Added On/Off toggle to the IT_SR_Zone.

3/11/16 - Added new tool called IT_Square, a geometric draw tool.

3/11/16 - Updated the TickAdjuster in to improve performance/usability in all draw tools that utilize it. Tools that are affected include:

1/12/16 - Added optional vertical and horizontal mid lines (8ths) to IT_GannBox.

12/24/15 - Removed the Restore Data section in Parameters to save space in all Draw Tools.

10/21/15 - Added new features to the IT_CursorGauge tool.

9/29/15 - IT_BigLotHistogram, added Delta Total Volume options for use with Delta histograms.

8/7/15 - IT_SR_Zone bug fixed where if a line alert (setting) was enabled before drawing the zone the line alert was not set for the line.

8/6/15 - Added ability to toggle the Zone color on/off in IT_SR_Zone. Fixed an issue with the price text and alerts. Alerts now retain their status on refresh and startup.

8/4/15 - Lots of maintenance to the IT_MMove to make it more sensitive to changing/resizing, moving, etc. Added ability to specify fib line lengths.

8/4/15 - Price bar coloring option added to IT_VolZoom.

7/29/15 - Fixed IT_ChartSquare issue where sometimes when not connected to data the Square would not immediately appear or disappear on button clicks.

7/24/15 - Added an On/Off toggle in the IT_GannBox button quick settings. Perfect for temporarily removing your GannBox to access something below (overlapped).

7/20/15 - Added the IT_MMove (AB=CD) tool. Check it out here.

7/7/15 - Added the quick settings drop down menu to the toolbar button of IT_NatRatio. Fixed a bug where text labels were not able to be turned off.

7/6/15 - Added drop down menu quick settings to the button of the IT_FibChan tool.

7/6/15 - Quick set buttons also reworked (see below) in:

7/3/15 - Updated quick set pulldown menu button on IT_GannBox tool. See below.

6/24/15 - Reworked the quick setting buttons, allowed drawing in all directions, enabled cumulative volume on P&F charts in IT_QuickTrend and IT_Analyzer. Made all numeric values positive numbers for measuring in all directions.


6/23/15 - Added the auto box offset feature and the button quick settings menu to the IT_QuickTrend tool.

6/17/15 - Added setting to allow bars High/Low to include the wicks in MMlinesProPlus.

6/12/15 - Added 20 day average and a user set (days) average to the IT_ARC. Added adjustment to line length to Hi/Lo price display.

5/22/15 - Added Open/Close bar style to the IT_FatBars overlay.

5/19/15 - Added additional bar styles to the IT_FatBars overlay. Now you can view FatBars as Candlesticks, OHLC, HLC, HiLo or Box styles.

5/13/15 - Changed error handling in IT_ARC for when not enough days are loaded. Now the indicator continues to function but indicates where more days are needed.

5/8/15 - Updated the Tick Adjuster to include the new Points per bar and Ticks per bar manual overrides. Added quick settings from the tool bar button. Tools updated so far are:

The IT_Emblem and IT_SR_Zone tools now have quick settings only and the IT_ChartSquare only has the updated Tick Adjuster.

Added line numbers to IT_SR_Zone for line alerts identification.

4/28/15 - Added a quick settings feature to the button of the IT_GannBox tool. Now instantly change many settings without a chart refresh.

4/19/15 - Added the Tick Adjuster to the optional 45 degree Gann line in the IT_NatRatio tool.

4/15/15 - Added alerts to the IT_SR_Zone lines.

4/13/15 - Overhauled the IT_BigLotBlockAlert indicator so the block trades text is consistant and orderly and updated the sound file selectors.

4/4/15 - Added a toolbar counter position option to the IT_UniCounter indicator.

4/2/15 - Added an optional current price marker in the IT_HA_FatBars.

3/28/15 - Enhanced the flexibility of the IT_Quadrilateral by removing the optional corner dots and replacing with visuals of the hotspots. Now able to move the whole polygon by dragging the 1st anchor hotspot. Dragging the 2nd anchor hotspot now does not remove the polygon but instead allows reshaping the quad.

3/24/15 - Updated the built in bar targets and trendbars in Scorpion3, Scorpion3SR, ScorpionBreakout/Scalper and ScorpionBreakout/ScalperSR to work correctly with version 2.0 (PSSC) of RJay's Renko variants.

3/16/15 - Added a whole box opacity adjuster and hotspots to allow complete box manipulation in the IT_GannBox tool.

3/10/15 - Fixed some tools to work with the SodyPointAndFigure bar type. Affected tools are:

They are ready for download.

2/20/15 - Added the IT_CursorGauge tool to the All, DrawTools, and Bargain Basement sections.

2/18/15 - Modified remaining draw tools to work on non-equidistant bars:

The IT_SpeedLines tool is also operational but the user will be cautioned when using it since the irregularly spaced bars will not interact normally with the tool lines.

2/17/15 - Modified some draw tools to work on non-equidistant bars. User is cautioned when using them as the irregularly spaced bars will not interact normally with the tools:

These tools will give a warning and not work with non-equidistant bars:

The  tool IT_Analyzer now works fine with non-equidistant bars and the IT_ChartSquare now positions itself correctly if applied to secondary series panel. More tools will be adjusted shortly.

1/8/15 - Added diagonal lines option for the box in the IT_Emblem tool.

1/8/15 - Added the TickAdjuster function and an Angle display to the IT_Quadrilateral draw tool.

12/25/14 - Added Quarter lines and Diagonal lines to the IT_Quadrilateral draw tool.

12/18/14 - Added the IT_Quadrilateral draw tool to the arsenal. This polygon based tool is used for geometric and cycles based analysis. It is also a complimentary tool to the IT_Emblem tool.

12/18/14 - Added a margin override in IT_BigLotHistogram to help with seeing the whole data box width.

12/17/14 - Made IT_ToolBarTime code more efficient as it is now not looking for alarms every millisecond.

12/15/14 - Changed all the line colors in IT_ORZ_fibs to line attributes so the thickness and style can now be selected. The indicator will also now not try to draw historical ORZ lines on Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly charts (or Minute charts >= 1440).

12/12/14 - Added four custom alarms to the IT_ToolBarTime toolbar clock. Each alarm can be on/off, work daily or once only, have its own alarm time, use its own selectable sound and show the user input alarm message.

12/10/14 - Added the IT_ToolBarTime toolbar clock.This clock is totally configurable and can be visible when a desktop clock might be covered by the chart. Adjustable fonts and colors with six display modes.

12/8/14 - Reworked most of the draw tools to get rid of the little object selector squares place by NinjaTrader on an object that is selected for re-dragging and redrawing. Tools affected are:

12/4/14 - 12/4/14 - Replaced the inner grid on/off setting with seperate horizontal/vertical inner grid lines on/off settings in the IT_GannBox. Added text on/off parameter also.

12/3/14 - Modified IT_HA_FatBars and added bar body color opacity setting to help expose overlapped bars, similar to the newer IT_FatBars.

12/2/14 - Added the IT_FatBars overlay for those who don't like the fake smoothness of Heiken-Ashi bars. This has all the features plus. Works with any bar type except volume and has special options for RJay's Renko variants.

11/30/14 - Added the IT_Emblem, a Gann/Beck's Emblem draw tool.

10/16/14 - Added option to turn on/off rounding of the fib lines to price ticks in IT_ORZ_fibs.

10/15/14 - Added option in IT_ORZ_fibs to see treasury notes and some bonds instruments in their native price format or in a decimal tick representation. Instruments include SR, UB, Z3N, ZB, ZF, ZN and ZT.

10/14/14 - Added option in IT_NatRatioIT_SR_Zone to see treasury notes and some bonds instruments in their native price format or in a decimal tick representation. Instruments include SR, UB, Z3N, ZB, ZF, ZN and ZT.

10/11/14 - Added option in IT_AnalyzerIT_GannBox to see treasury notes and some bonds instruments in their native price format or in a decimal tick representation. Instruments include SR, UB, Z3N, ZB, ZF, ZN and ZT.

10/11/14 - Added option in IT_ARC indicator to see treasury notes and some bonds instruments in their native price format or in a decimal tick representation. Instruments include SR, UB, Z3N, ZB, ZF, ZN and ZT.

10/8/14 - Some indicators and draw tools were updated (non-critical) because on some obscure instruments (ex. ZN, Z7, UB) with odd tick sizes (ex. .015625, .0078125, .03125, .0125) the indicators/tools would display decimal prices incorrectly. Affected indicators/tools: IT_Analyzer, IT_GannBox, IT_NatRatio, IT_SR_Zone, IT_ORZ_fibs, Klein_Targets for KleinTrading, IT_BarTargets for Incometrader, EZ_KTrader for EMiniTrade. This problem would not affect 99% of traders.

10/7/14 - Added the IT_ARC indicator (Average Range Comparison) to the store. Go check it out.

9/12/14 - Due to faulty code in a recent update to some indicators, affected users should re-download their indicators if purchased or downloaded/updated after 6/23/14. These indicators are currently inaccurate. The affected indicators are:

  1. IT_BigLotHistogram
  2. IT_DeltaCD
  3. IT_VolRatioDeltaAlert

9/8/14 - On a trial basis I have opened the store to the public. The Cart functions are not available unless Registered and Logged in.

9/4/14 - Minor change in IT_ChartSquare and IT_HarmonicFan allowing the shaded area to be grabbed and dragged to scroll the chart.

9/1/14 - Added the IT_GouldenBox draw tool to the store. This is another creation of Alexander Goulden.

9/1/14 - Changed the IT_ChartSquare top left ratio to incorporate the tick adjustment being used.

8/31/14 - Added the IT_FibChan tool, an angular Fibonacci Channel draw tool.

8/30/14 - Added the IT_HarmonicFan, a harmonic fib tool by Alexander Goulden.

8/30/14 - Added the IT_ChartSquare tool. This tool allows a user to square up a chart fast and accurately so that other tools utilizing angles can be seen accurately.

8/27/14 - Replaced the P&F Adjust option in the draw tools with a Tick Adjuster dropdown. The options in this parameter are:

  • Auto - Auto detect P&F as well as large timeframe bars and adjust automatically.
  • Off (1x) - No adjustment and 1 tick = 1 tick or vertical unit.
  • 10x - Ten ticks = one vertical unit, useful on Daily charts.
  • 100x - One hundred ticks = one vertical unit. Useful on Weekly charts.
  • 1000x - One thousand ticks = one vertical unit. Useful on Monthly charts.

These settings allow tools such as the GannFan2 to not be squashed into a horizontal line on large charts and allows useful support/resistance information to be seen. Tools affected by this change are: IT_GannFan2IT_GannLine, IT_GannBox, IT_Analyzer, IT_QuickTrend.

8/23/14 - Updated IT_GannFan2 code to be smaller and more efficient. Now the custom X and Y inputs will accept values up to 12.

8/23/14 - Updated the IT_GannLine code to be smaller and more efficient and added a custom X and Y input option for custom Gann angles.

8/17/14 - Reworked the IT_GannBox tool so that all vertical lines are correctly placed even in all fixed time frames. Added the 225 time bar option. Added more lines configurations. Added Point & Figure compatibility.

7/14/14 - Note: Updated Uwe's place in Customer Charts/Setups here.

6/25/14 - Updated the IT_VolRatioDeltaAlert indicator for accuracy and added options for intrabar Delta % on/off, intrabar Ratio on/off, Delta 100% filter on/off to filter the 100% signals found on 1 & 2 tick bars.

6/24/14 - Updated the IT_BigLotHistogram for accuracy that may have been compromised from earlier updates.

6/17/14 - Modified IT_Analyzer and IT_GannBox to show correct information when applied to instruments such as 6J. Formatted text in IT_NatRatio and IT_ORZ_fibs. Formatted text and corrected a fill bug in IT_SR_Zone.

6/16/14 - Added a Gann Pack which includes IT_GannFan2IT_GannBox and IT_GannLine at a reduced package price.

6/16/14 - Added the IT_GannFan2 draw tool tool to the store. The perfect replacement for the hard to use and feature lacking standard NinjaTrader Gann Fan tool. Auto adjusting, optional additional lines, Point & Figure support, fan direction without parameters are all features of this tool.

6/3/14 - Added the IT_GannLine tool to the Draw Tool arsenal. This tool is perfect for Gann followers and Point & Figure traders.

5/23/14 - Small bugs fixed in IT_SR_Zone, IT_SpeedLines, IT_GannBox. See product pages for details.

4/9/14 - MMlinesProPlus has had new features added or changed. In current mode with Show Time Lines selected the timelines start on the bar the shift occurs on and draws new time lines as they should appear. Shift bar vertical lines can be kept historically in Current mode, for reference. As requested, the frame size selection has been expanded to include 2 frame, 4 frame and 512 frame.

3/29/14 - Added a large font option for the price labels to the IT_SR_Zone tool.

3/13/14 - Added a text size adjuster to the IT_BigLotBlockAlert indicator.

2/21/14 - Added the IT_NatRatio tool for support and resistance enthusiasts. The tool is based on Gann theory as interpreted by Michael Jenkins.

2/20/14 - Added the IT_HA_FatBars bar overlay indicator to the store. This implementation of Heiken Ashi fattens the bars as volume increases based on cycles.

2/18/14 - Added a new draw tool, the IT_SR_Zone tool, to the store. This simple and inexpensive tool will draw a zone defined by two chart clicks, for a quick support or resistance area display.

2/3/14 - Added three alert options to the IT_UniCounter:

  1. Tick alert, set to any number of trade ticks on any bars except Tick bars, Line Break and some others.
  2. Volume alert, set to any volume level for any bars except Volume bars, Line Break and some others.
  3. Bar size alert, set for any bar size in ticks on bars that are not fixed tick size such as Range or Renkos.

Also tweaked the time counter to show smooth time not based on bar activity.

1/11/14 - For those who have a hard time with certain color combinations and shades, opacity settings added for the inside candle bodies in Scorpion3, ScorpionBreakoutScalper and both SR versions.

12/29/13 - Extended the Christmas coupon till New Years Day, Jan 1, 2014. Coupon now expired.

12/29/13 - Added switches to turn off the meter side arrows or the whole meter graphic in the G_ScalperDeluxeV3.

12/24/13 - Integrity Traders is participating in an FXCM promotion. Check it out and find out how to ultimately get your Integrity Traders indicators absolutely FREE.

12/17/13 - Holiday discount is available now through Sun, Dec. 29th. Coupon code on the Welcome page.

12/6/13 - Fixed the IT_TrendPivots and IT_TrendFibs indicators to work with the new RJay's bars such as RenkoSpectrum2.

11/22/13 - Added a 'Large Text' option setting to IT_Analyzer and IT_QuickTrend.

11/18/13 - Added a vertical Dollar value option setting to IT_Analyzer and IT_QuickTrend. Also now allow toggling of the Angle, Points, Ratio, Cum Vol and Percent change options in IT_Analyzer so you can show only what you need.

11/16/13 - Added settings to turn off bar hi/lo snapping for the first anchor and/or the second anchor point in the IT_SpeedLines, IT_Analyzer and IT_QuickTrend indicators.

10/19/13 - Dusted off and added the IceHoleAlert to the free indicator section.

10/10/13 - Added more lines to the IT_SpeedLines indicator (particularly useful in Fib Fan mode), text is always on and now aligned with the second anchor bar, levels are turned off by setting to zero (0), the global dashstyle can now be set to styles other than solid.

10/2/13 - The IT_UniCounter, IT_UniCounter2, EasyEminiTrade's EZ_KTrader and Thr33_Amigos_Bars are now updated to be compatible with more bar/chart types. The list now additionally includes:

  1. RJay's ChannelPivots (Innovative Trading Solutions Online)
  2. iwMeanRenko (Indicator Warehouse)
  3. NTRenkoCandle
  4. UniRenko
  5. TradeTheEminiRangeBars

The IT_UniCounter indicator also has a spiffy bar target feature added.

9/27/13 - Corrected a bug in the IT_TrendFibs and also in the Incometrader indicator IT_FibFilter.

9/5/13 - Added a Point and Figure Adjust setting to two tools. With this setting set to true (default) the tools will calculate the angles and vertical range based on the number of boxes instead of ticks when on a P&F chart. Setting to false will revert the calculations to using the actual tick range. This change is in the IT_Analyzer and IT_QuickTrend.

8/30/13 - Fixed buggy 50% line in the IT_SpeedLines indicator and cleaned up the parameter settings.

8/25/13 - New feature added to the IT_ORZ_fibs indicator. An option to show the range as it builds throughout the opening range time. Also a color change option when the range equals/exceeds the adjustable minimum range.

8/20/13 - The Quick Selector has been removed from the store as it was slowing page loads and throwing script errors with certain browsers.

8/14/13 - Added a new draw tool called IT_Analyzer, a type of super ruler that can show, between points:

  • Angle
  • Vertical range in ticks
  • Vertical range in points
  • Percentage of change
  • Number of bars, X range
  • Time spread
  • Cumulative volume
  • XY Ratio

8/14/13 - Bug fixes to draw tools IT_QuickTrend and IT_SpeedLines.

8/2/13 - Added option to show the cumulative volume of all the bars included between anchors in IT_QuickTrend.

7/18/13 - Made IT_QuickTrend connecting line between the trend line and data box more sensitive to dragging and also enabled the data box to be dragged.

7/9/13 - Added EZ_KTrader to the EasyEminiTrade lineup on the Kaboom page (only accessible to Trisha's members).

6/3/13 - Added the IT_QuickTrend draw tool to the store.

5/14/13 - Updated the IT_HiLoAvg indicator and moved it out of the Bargain bin.

4/30/13 - Added a Free Indicators section to the Indicator store and removed the free downloads page. This is much cleaner to navigate.

4/29/13 - G_ScalperDeluxeV3 - Added more candle/bar options and selectable colors as well as color selections for the on-chart signals.

3/11/13 - MMlinesProPlus now has all the plots accessible through the indicator parameters and the color selectors have been removed. This makes for a lengthier list but gives more user control and frees up memory. Baby lines can now be used in the 'Historical' mode but will show only in the current frame and are not available for strategies.

3/11/13 - Added IncometraderNews compatibility with the RJay Renko bars and increased accuracy with all other bars. Events now turn off after they end so as to not repeat the next day.

3/4/13 - Updated the IT_MA_TrendBars indicator to include LinReg and LinRegIntercept.

2/16/13 - Implemented inputs in IT_SpeedLines for separate Alt hot keys which will be reflected in the tool bar button according to the tool mode.

2/15/13 - Updated IT_SpeedLines  and IT_GannBox  with the option to use mini tool buttons to conserve toolbar real estate.

2/4/13 - Updated the ScorpionPivots for NT7 code to eliminate a bug where if the CTRL key is held down and an active chart with the pivots is in focus the incoming data would slow to a crawl and appear to freeze, even affecting market depth in the dom. 

 1/28/13 - Updated the IT_SpeedLines and IT_GannBox indicators/draw tools so that the chosen anchors always work no matter what other indicators and settings are on the chart. A NinjaTrader bug workaround.

 1/22/13 - Updated the IT_DeltaCD indicator for ram memory efficiency.

 1/18/13 - Updated the IT_ORZ_fibs indicator to be a little more memory friendly.

 12/20/12 - Hopefully fixed an IT_GannBox issue where under certain circumstances the indicator would prevent the chart form starting up (no price bars). Also added the ability to second click/second anchor to the right of the current price bar. Minor update to IT_SpeedLines, possible bug fix.

11/29/12 - Minor updates, added button text color option and button separator to the IT_SpeedLines and IT_GannBox  indicators/tools.

 11/28/12 - Added a 'Show help' setting in the parameters of the  IT_SpeedLines and IT_GannBox  indicators/tools for a pop up help window.

 11/23/12 - Added the IT_SpeedLines / fib fan indicator/draw tool to the store. The tool is two in one, including a standard speed lines tool using percentages and a fib fan tool using fibonacci levels. It also features drawing at the click of a tool bar button or user defined hot keys (Alt +). Two clicks on the chart and your lines/fan is complete. Adjust the end point to a new position if needed.

 11/16/12 - Added the option to color price bars according to the longer trend with the G_Scalper_DeluxeV3.

 11/4/12 - Added the IT_GannBox indicator/draw tool to the store. Draw a Gann box at the push of a toolbar button or a hot key sequence (Alt +). Two clicks on the chart and your box is complete. Video on the product page.

 10/26/12 - Fixed a problem with MMlinesProPlus if used in a strategy. Also the line values are no longer exposed but the plot values now are. Therefore, in a strategy you must set the indicator lines to Historical. There is also a new version of the Test indicator that reflects these changes. 

 10/18/12 - Added the ACE_V3 and G_Scalper_DeluxeV3 indicators to the store and also together as a package deal.

 10/18/12 - The IT_UniCounter and IT_UniCounter2, Scorpion3 and Scorpion3SR, ScorpionBreakoutScalper and SR version indicators for NT7 have been updated to include support for RJay's ChannelTrend, LogikUltimateRenko and Momentum bar types.

 10/17/12 - The Thr33_Amigos_Bars indicator has been updated. The text size for the on chart messages is now adjustable. You can now set the signal targets to remain permanently along with the background stripe or permanently without the stripe. In the no stripe case there is a connecting line so the triggering bar is easily identified. Also new is an option to select a large paddle size for entry signals. There are now target dots that appear during Warning or Pending so you will see where the targets will appear if there is a signal. The indicator now recognizes and works with these standard and custom bars:

  1. Range
  2. Range Alt
  3. RangeNoGap
  4. RJay's RangeNoGap
  5. AA RangeNoGap
  6. SbS Renko
  7. Median Renko
  8. Renko
  9. Wicked Renko
  10. Better Renko
  11. RJay's RenkoHybrid (InnovativeTradingSolutionsOnline)
  12. RJay's ChannelTrend (InnovativeTradingSolutionsOnline)
  13. RJay's RenkoSpectrum (InnovativeTradingSolutionsOnline)
  14. LogikUltimateRenko (PureLogik) (BreakawayTrader)
  15. Momentum (and Dynamic Momentum mode) (Coroin)
  16. Point-O

 9/24/12 - IT_VolZoom is added to the indicator store. Keep track of volume using heat map colors.

 9/24/12 - The IT_UniCounter and IT_UniCounter2 indicators for NT7 have been updated to include support for RJay's RenkoHybrid and RJay's RenkoSpectrum bar types. Other bars supported are: Time, Tick, Volume, LineBreak, LineBreakWicked, Range, Point-O, RangeAlt, RangeNoGap, AARangeNoGap, RJay's RangeNoGap, Renko, Median Renko, SBS Renko, Wicked Renko and Better Renko.

 9/24/12 - The Scorpion family of indicators for NT7 have been updated again to allow more bar types to be recognized if using the bar targets feature. RJay's RenkoHybrid and RJay's RenkoSpectrum bar types have been added to the the list of: Range, Point-O, RangeAlt, RangeNoGap, AARangeNoGap, RJay's RangeNoGap, SBS Renko, Median Renko, Renko, Wicked Renko and Better Renko. See picture here.

 9/22/12 - MMlinesPro and MMlinesProPlus have both been updated for NT7 only. Both now draw lines back to the correct price bar and have some performance tweaks. Also, MMlinesProPlus has some new features. In 'Current' mode there are options for extending the lines to the right of price, to show the vertical 'Time Lines', to show the Hi and Low bars used. In Auto mode the MM increment (desired) setting is now in ticks and the lower left data box will show the actual line increments in ticks.

 9/14/12 - Minor update for ScorpionBreakoutScalper7 and ScorpionBreakoutScalperSR users. Added an option in the S&R section to force the plotting on range bar charts to the method of non-range bar charts. If ScorpionChannel is selected and range bars (and variants) are used there will be a parallel channel between the trailing Scorpion Trend dots and the other side of price. If StingerPivots is selected or if using non range bars the opposite dot line will show previous pivots. See picture here.

 8/20/12 - Updated the sounds selector for alerts in the Scorpion3_7, Scorpion3SR, ScorpionBreakoutScalper7, ScorpionBreakoutScalperSR, Thr33_Amigos, Thr33_Amigos_Bars and IT_ORZ_fibs indicators.  Sound files are read directly from the NinjaTrader sounds folder and presented in a pull down list so there is no typing of file names, ever.  Simply add your custom .wav files to the folder and they will appear in the list, ready to use. 

 7/21/12 - Made the display of the signals legend false by default in the IT_TriggerV3Div and IT_TriggerV3Div_SE indicators so they will not throw an error when used in a strategy.

 6/20/12 - Fixed a glaring error in the ScorpionTrailDots indicator which could cause the need for an excessive amount of chart bars in order to operate correctly on Tick and Volume charts.

 6/16/12 - Added a new section to the store for additional license purchases. This is much better than the out-of-store half price page.

 6/8/12 - Added historical high/low zone lines option to IT_ORZ_fibs.

 6/5/12 - Added paint bars to the IT_ORZ_fibs indicator. Check it out.

 6/4/12 - Also updated the stand alone equivilants to the indicators below: IT_Triggerv3DivSE and IT_MacciHistogram2_SE.

 6/4/12 - Made updates to reduce memory consumption in the the following indicators of the IT_PkgOne pack: IT_Main, IT_MacciHistogram, IT_TriggerV3Div, IT_P_Bands, IT_Stats, IT_RevsTrigger and IT_T_RSIBBMacd.

 5/28/12 - Minor improvement made to the Alerts messages in the IT_ORZ_fibs indicator.

 4/18/12 - Added a suite of supporting Kaboom indicators for Thr33_Amigos users and EasyEminiTrade people. Ask Trisha @ easyeminitrade.com for the link.

 4/9/12 - As mentioned below on 4/1, I have now made performance/memory usage changes to IT_BigLots, IT_BigLotHistogram and IT_BiglotBlockAlert. Download them if you want them.

 4/5/12 - There is an Easter discount starting Friday. Check the Special Deals page for details.

 4/1/12 - I am going through indicators and making improvements in performance/memory usage as I can. Updates right now are for Thr33_Amigos and Thr33_Amigos_Bars (go get the updates on Trisha's site), IncometraderPivots, IncometraderNews, IncometraderOpeningRangePivots and IT_FibFilter for the Incometrader people (updates on the downloads page).

 3/27/12 - Added the IT_ORZ_fibs indicator to the store. This is a multi time frame opening range indicator with fibonocci levels built from the ORZ. It features all kinds of alerts and settings.

 3/27/12 - Added the IT_BollingerMulti indicator and a Keltner/Bollinger combo discount pack in the Indicator Bundles section.

 3/20/12 - Updated ScorpionBreakoutScalper7 and ScorpionBreakoutScalperSR to detect more 3rd party Range and Renko bar types and execute the correct code for those charts.

 3/9/12 - Changed the look of the site just a little, moved the Forums link to the Top Menu, also added a second convenient link to the Store on the Top Menu.

 3/5/12 - Realeased the final version of the Thr33_Amigos and Thr33_Amigos_Bars indicators to EasyEminiTrade. Not available in this store.

 2/26/12 - Added Scorpion3SR (Strategy Ready) indicator with a test indicator for those who use the SR versions. Also made some updates to ScorpionBreakoutScalper7, ScorpionBreakoutScalperSR and Scorpion3 indicators.

 2/14/12 - Added a new customer page. Check it out here.

 2/8/12 - Updated the IT_TrendFibs on a user request. Now able to turn on or off the 'Trend' fibs and 'Retracement' fibs individually.

 1/26/12 - Updated the new IT_TrendFibs and IT_TrendPivots to be a little more processor friendly. I know, an update already? Functionally they are not changed but if your charts are loaded with indicators and are bogging down you may want to grab the new versions. Again, every little bit helps.

 1/26/12 - Updated the ScorpionBreakoutScalper7, ScorpionTrailStops and ScorpionBreakoutScalperSR to be a bit lighter on the CPU. Functionally they are not changed but if your charts are loaded with indicators and are bogging down you may want to grab the new versions. Every little bit helps.

 1/24/12- Updated the MMlinesProPlus to be 'Strategy ready', meaning the lines values can be read by a custom strategy or indicator. Free upgrade for existing owners.

 1/23/12 - Added the IT_TrendPivots indicator to the store. It auto draws pivots using trends.

 1/23/12 - Added the IT_TrendFibs indicator to the store. It will auto draw fibs to the highs/lows of trends.

 1/6/12 - Added background coloring to the ScorpionTrailDots indicator at the request of a customer. If using this feature make sure the background colors of other indicators is turned off.

 12/26/11 - Minor change in ScorpionTrailDots to fix issue where there are no dots with certain days back settings in the dataseries.

 12/19/11 - After a report from a user, the IT_Chopmeters indicators Method One detection had to be tweaked as it was malfunctioning on instruments with small tick sizes. If you have this trouble please re-download the indicators. This fix is for NT7 only as NT6.5 is no longer supported.

 12/16/11 - Added a holiday season drawing for a free NinjaTrader T- shirt and cap.

 12/14/11 - Use the Christmas coupon for a discount from now till the end of the year.

 12/14/11 - Finally got around to bundling some indicators for package discounts. Check out the store and remember the discounted pricing can be combined with any coupon discounts for a super savings.

 12/9/11 - Added the option to force the Stinger line on when in other than Stinger mode in the NT7 ScorpionBreakoutScalper and ScorpionBreakoutScalperSR. In the SR version this setting will have no effect on a strategy because the strategy will still only see the Stinger signals if in Stinger mode.

 12/6/11 - Added trend bar style (hollow "up" bars) to Box bars in all the indicators that have this feature option. This would include Scorpion3ScorpionBreakoutScalperScorpionBreakoutScalperSRIT_MA_TrendBarsIT_ObOsCandlesIT_Dbars, and also IT_Main from the PkgOne. If you use any of these indicators and like Box bars and would like Trend boxes, please download the latest indicators.

 11/4/11 - Introduced Scorpion Trail Dots as a response to requests. This indicator will show a longer trend on a faster chart using multi-timeframe coding. 11/9/11 - UPDATE: Fixed the multi time frame glitch and now the dots are accurate across all charts!

 9/14/11 - The IT_UniCounter and IT_UniCounter2 indicators have been updated to ensure correct detection of various NT7 versions of Renko and Range bar implementations regardless of which Custom # or Final # the bar types are associated with. 10/21/11 - UPDATE: These indicators now work with the standard NT LineBreak and the custom LineBreakWicked bar types.

 9/12/11 - MA_TrendBars, ChopMeters, MA_BBlinesMulti are strategy ready. If you need this capability go to your download link(s) and re-download the newest versions. More indicators will be exposed as time permits. Information about the exposed signals is available in the individual product info pages.

 9/1/11 - Added the ScorpionBreakoutScalperSR indicator. This indicator looks like the original but has the signals exposed to be used in your own custom strategy.

 7/15/11 - Updated the ACE indicator to ACE_V3 for FuturesFX.ca. Current users have been updated.

 7/13/11 - Added alerts to the VolumeBreakout indicator on the free page.

 6/30/11 - Added a text increment multiplier to the NT7 version of IT_BigLotBlockAlertV2 indicator because the text numbers were overlapping on Renko charts.

 6/7/11 - Added MMlinesPro and MMlinesProPlus to the store. Check 'em out.

 5/23/11 - The PackageOne indicator suite has been updated to NT7 compatible. The descriptions are updated while the sample pictures are still old, for now. Auto signals are now in the individual indicators. There are other enhancements such as User and Auto modes in the P_Bands indicator, improved 'limits' in the Trigger, etc.

 5/13/11 - MMlinesProPlus in Current mode and MMlinesPro will now show a vertical line at the bar where the latest line shifts occurred. This lets a user see how far back the lines are valid with price movement in the conventional lines display.

 4/10/11 - Changed the Stinger line to Dots by default, reminiscent of Scorpion3. This can be set back to Line by users but it helps show which bar the signal occurs on. Because lines plot from the signalling bar back to the prior bar it can become confusing unless the (also new) Stinger start markers are turned on. Also set the arrows AutoScale to off by default (see following).  3/22/11 - Minor Scorpion B/S update - added a setting to allow the AutoScale setting for the arrows and triangles to be set to false. This may help when using charts without fixed bar sizes (like tick or volume) where the markers are far from price and force themselves onto the chart. The downside is they may not show as they might be off the visible chart. Latest version only (NT7).

 3/29/11 - Updated the Scorpion Pivots to have a padding setting for an adjustable gap between the line right ends and the labels in the right margin. NT7 R3 or later.

 3/8/11 - Revs_CCI on the free page now has alerts in the NT7 version. 3/10/11 - fixed a bug and added reverse alerts option.

 3/7/11 - Added a selector to ScorpionPivots to allow the labels in the right margin or left of pivot lines. NT7 R3 beta or later only.

 3/2/11 - Added a 4th alert for Neutral bars (yellow) in Scorpion and changed the Stinger plots to NT7 style plot - NT7.0.1000.3 beta or later only.

 3/1/11 - Other updates in the free indicator section include RangeBarTargets, DPLDot, PRC2 and MMlines indicators.

 2/23/11 - Although not written by me, I have taken John Thom's original jtEconNews and made some changes to it and placed it on the free page. I started the project after discovering it would no longer connect to ForexFactory for the news.

 2/11/11 - Updated the MMlines indicator on the free page so it will import into both 6.5 and NT7 installs.

 ALERT - Very Important!

2/7/11 - All NT7 indicators have been updated to use the new NT7 protection scheme. If you download these before you are using  NinjaTrader 7.0.1000.3 or later (download here) the indicators will not work. If you install NinjaTrader 7.0.1000.3 or later and do not download and install the new indicators, your indicators also will cease working.

 12/17/10 - Late post (12/21) but the IT_BigLotHistogram for NT7 has been updated FINALLY with code that makes it 100% accurate with NT7 and its problematic updating of incoming T&S data and updating bars. If you have downloaded the indicator since 12/17 you may ignore this.

 12/15/10 - Hot new changes to Scorpion Breakout/Scalper:

  • The Stinger line now has a user set opacity so if in front of the candles/bars the bars are still visible. Added a new alert for the start of a new Stinger line segment.
  • Added MANY custom alert sounds which require a download of a sounds.zip file and installation of the sound files into the sounds folder of NinjaTrader.
  • Added the ability to set email alerts for any of the three types of alerts. Email alerts will have all needed information and messages will look like this "SB Trend Upturn on 6E 03-11 Globex 4 Range Stinger chart" or this "Stinger Down on CL 01-11 Nymex 4 Range Stinger chart".
  • Changed the Stinger line in NT7 to match the NT6.5 version (a step backward for now).

 12/14/10 - The Special Deals page has a coupon for 10% off one full store order from 12/17/10 - year end.

 12/10/10 - Added lines at 40 and 60 (defaults) in the IT_TSRI indicator for those who are adding them with draw tools for advanced setups. NT6.5 and NT7.

 12/5/10 - NT7 versions of Chopmeter now using NT7 features and are more memory efficient, etc. Also added the ability to plot off the zero line in the 3b indicator in both NT6.5 and NT7 versions, allowing multiple plots in one panel. Update 12/5 @ 9:30 PM EST - Sensitivity3 setting for Method3 now is allowed to be incremented in decimals for finer tuning, NT6.5 and NT7 versions.

 11/30/10 - Updated IT_HiLoAvg and added the NT7 version.

 11/24/10 - Another minor Scorpion update to improve accuracy.

 11/22/10 - Added a second Standard Mode to the IT_SuperADX.

 11/20/10 - Add an option to background color all panels or just the price panels in Scorpion B/S. Default now is to color all panels (user request).

 11/19/10 - Improved the background color changes in the Scorpion B/S Stinger mode.

 11/17/10 - Added the additional background transition markers and the Stinger line price in the axis. Fine tuned when bar colors change color as there was a small error in the 11/16 release. There may be more changes as the indicator is tested further.

 11/16/10 - Scorpion Breakout/Scalper now has the new Stinger (formerly Stealthy) mode, a transitional background option and another S&R mode option.

 11/6/10 - Added the IT_SuperADX indicator. This indicator is unique in that is combines three powerful ADX indicators in one. This is a must have for all ADX users.

 11/5/10 - Updated Scorpion3 and Scorpion Breakout/Scalper to add a setting for using the older, fixed color, high contrast candles or the newer user set colors. This was at the request of a user.

 10/21/10 - IT_TRSI now has another input for adjustable 'Period' at the request of a customer. This applies to both NT6.5 and NT7 versions.

 10/21/10 - I have replaced the IT_BigLotHistogram indicators with versions that are more accurate and track every trade. The code originally used was not the preferred method.

 10/8/10 - Added a couple of free indicators on the free page. The Volume Breakout indicator and the Time and Money indicator.

 9/21/10 - IT_BigLots for NT7 joins IT_LittleLots (7/31) in using NT7 specific plotting methods for lower memory consumption and higher performance. (Tech note: using six less dataseries)

 9/18/10 - Optimized Scorpion3 and Breakout/Scalper for the NT7  plot upgrades, Scorpion3 especially should be more memory efficient. Fixed the inner dot sometimes repainting upon refreshing the chart with Scorpion3, both versions. Also slightly changed the trend formula for the inner dots and added the options to adjust their setting and turn them off. Added the missing logo to the NT6.5 Breakout/Scalper. See also the forums.

 9/13/10 - Added a translation module to help users from other countries. Right now it is at the bottom of every page. It uses Google Translate and may not be 100% accurate.

 9/10/10 - Added IT_MA_Alert and IT_VolBB for NT7.

 9/2/10 - The IT_BigLotBlockAlert indicator has been updated to include a Compact_Text mode. See the forums for more info.

 8/27/10 - Scorpion Breakout/Scalper now has Guide mode. Simply open a bigger bar chart, such as 8 Range, add Scorpion and select Guide mode. More info here8/31/10 - Corrected candle outline colors that wouldn't change when using solid candles and some descriptive text in the neutral bar color setting.

 8/24/10 - Updated IT_BigLotHistogram with a new histo display mode. See here for more info.

 8/18/10 - Updated Scorpion3 and Scorpion Breakout/Scalper to allow user candle/bar colors per a few requests for such a feature. Both NT6.5 and NT7 versions are updated and on the downloads page.

 8/13/10 - Added a new category in the store called Volume Indicators. As there are more indicators of the same type added I may add additional categories to allow them to be grouped together and easily found.

 8/13/10 - The IT_DeltaCD indicator has been added to the store.

 7/2/10 - MMlinesProPlus for NT6.5 and NT7 now have ability to select a manual start date and work better with Daily bars (no error message).  8/13/10 - Updated MMlinesPro to have the manual start date feature.

 8/6/10 - Added a forums to the site to help in the discussion of indicators, etc.

 7/31/10 - Updated the IT_UniCounter and added the NT7 version. Now the counter can show the time it takes to build the current chart bar and provides the previous bar time for comparison. Added a count up setting also. 8/5/10 - Added IT_UniCounter2 as a sub panel indicator which also shows the bar build time in a histogram.

 7/31/10 - Added IT_Dbars (Dunnigan Bars) for NT7.

 7/31/10 - Added IT_LittleLots for NT7. Smoother, sleeker, more efficient.

 7/22/10 - Added IT_MA_BBlinesMulti indicator. This is a MACDBBlines  on steroids with 16 moving averages or oscillators selections for the main line and 6 moving averages selections for the BBlines. All customizable, with alerts! 7/26/10 - Optimized the NT6.5 version slightly and the NT7 version much more so.

 7/20/10 - Added IT_VolRatioDeltaAlert T&S indicator. The IT_VolRatioDeltaAlert indicator is a convenient, on-price indicator that keeps tabs on volume statistics and has visual alerts for Delta and Ratio events and additional audio alerts for Ratio events. 7/27/10 - Added a sound alert selection also for the Delta Percentage which can have a different setting than the same visual alert.

 7/8/10 - Added IT_BigLotHistogram indicator to the store. This T&S visualizing indicator is a great addition to IT_BigLots or IT_BigLotBlockAlert or as a stand alone product.  7/18/10 - Added RatioBidAsk histogram, RatioTotals histogram and Delta histogram and many new settings. Better able to mix and match data boxes to histograms now.

 7/2/10 - MMlinesProPlus for NT6.5 and NT7 now have ability to select a manual start date and work better with Daily bars (no error message).

 6/26/10 - Reworked the IT_MA_TrendBars to include the T3 and DEMA (both from NT7) and modified the ZeroLagEMA to the new NT7 standard. Note that the prior versions ZeroLagEMA is actually equivilant to the new DEMA.  Also added IT_MA_TrendBars for NT7 to the store.  - Late change - Added  optional moving average cross identifier dots.  6/29/10 - Added trend style candles at a users request, both versions.

 6/25/10 - IT_TRSI for NT6.5 has been optimized and a version for NT7 is now included in the store.

 6/23/10 - IT_MMeter for NT6.5 and NT7 have both been optimized.

 6/23/10 - IT_ObosCandles has been optimized and a version for NT7 is now included in the store.

 6/23/10 - IT_NoName has been optimized and a version for NT7 is now included in the store.

 6/21/10 - New Customer Chart/Setup entry for GCabrera.

 6/15/10 - The MMlinesPro and ProPlus indicators have had minor work done.  Also the NT7 versions have been updated to work internationally now. 6/17/10 - MMlinesProPlus now has line color change option, both 6.5 and 7 versions.

 6/15/10 - New Customer Chart/Setup entry added for RTStavely.

 5/10/10 - Updated IT_BigLotBlockAlert to V2 with the addition of optional block size text on the price panel with the dots. NT7 version also updated.

 6/7/10 - Updated ScorpionPivots and ScorpionCounter indicators for NT7B16 and are on the Scorpion downloads page.

 6/5/10 - Updated MMlinesPro and MMlinesProPlus for NT7B16, now on the MMlines downloads page.

 5/31/10 - Added the NT7 version of IT_MMeter to the store for your shopping pleasure! IT_MMeter 6.5 has been slightly optimized.

 5/31/10 - Updated Scorpion3 and Scorpion Breakout/Scalper NT7 versions and optimized the code for NTB16.  Available now on the Scorpion downloads page.  (Also the bar targets will now show targets on the standard NT7 Renko bar charts).

 5/27/10 - Added NT7 version of IT_KeltnerMulti to the store. 5/28/10 - Added ability to use ATR to calculate the bands instead of the standard method.

 5/19/10 - Added IT_MA_Alert indicator to the store. This is a deluxe alert indicator, take a look! 5/27/10 - Included the new  IT_MA_Alert2 which does not plot markers but has multiple alerts on each bar if resets occur. Also better granularity by not requiring full tick size increments. Since IT_MA_Alert2 is meant for audio only (Alerts Window not used and no messages) there is the option for different High and Low alert sounds.

 5/26/10 - Optimized the Scorpion3 and Scorpion Breakout/Scalper indicators for 6.5, now available for download. These may be more CPU friendly under heavier volume.

 5/25/10 - Updated RangeBarTargets in the free section. Now it supports SbSRenko and MedianRenko type bars!

 5/24/10 - Added IT_KeltnerMulti, a Keltner channel indicator with alerts and selectable inputs (moving averages) to the store.

 5/13/10 - Finally added IT_BigLotBlockAlert indicator in the Bargain section, requested some time ago by a customer. Hope you like it Gerardo. 5/14/10 - Added Bid and Ask sound selections and Alerts Window messages color selections so as to differentiate between alerts on several charts or instruments. 5/19/10 - Added optional dot markers to price panel coinciding with the alerts.

 5/17/10 - With the coming NT7b16 the licensing of NT7 indicators will fail and new indicators will need to be released, according to an alert from NinjaTrader. Anyone who has bought indicators for NT6.5 and need to update to NT7 versions need to go to this link. This is for NT6.5 to NT7 upgrades only, meaning if you never bought a NT6.5 indicator but just the NT7 version you will still need an update but at no cost.

 4/30/10 - Added IT_UniCounter to the Bargain section of the store. 5/15/10 - Update, IT_UniCounter now is compatible with MedianRenko and SbSRenko charts!

 5/11/10 - Scorpion Breakout/Scalper has two new modes. Legacy and LegacyPlus modes allow it to work more like the popular Scorpion3.  NT6.5 and NT7 versions are out of Beta and now available for download.

 5/11/10 - A new indicator, IT_NoName, is now available.

 5/3/10 - The problem with Remotesoft has been resolved. Scorpion Breakout/Scalper beta for NT7 is on the downloads page as well as all the NT7 versions of Scorpion have been updated. They should all be replaced in your NT7 install.

 5/2/10 - Added the beta version of Scorpion Breakout/Scalper indicator to the Scorpion page and Scorpion downloads page for current Scorpion users.

 4/28/10 - Added a Bargain Indicators section in the store.

 4/26/10 - Added Opacity setting for the background colors in Scorpion3.

 4/16/10 - Added a new section for customers charts and comments.

 4/16/10 - Added a mid line to the IT_TRSI indicator.

 4/15/10 - Added Market Depth box options, adjustable Bid/Ask ratio and box background colors and  on 3/26/10 -  box position and opacity settings to IT_BigLots.

 4/5/10 - NT7 is released as beta to all public users. As soon as the Remotesoft problem is resolved I will be adding the NT7 versions of indicators to the store. For now, the .zip file will have the same name but with a '7' at the end.

 3/22/10 - Added  IT_MacciHistogram to the (PLT) IT_PkgOne indicators.

 3/19/10 - Added IT_TRSI indicator (FibMarkets version).  More info.

 3/10/10 - Added IT_MMeter momentum indicator.

 3/6/10 - Added Scorpion3, ScorpionPivots and ScorpionCounter indicators for NinjaTrader 7.  3/31/10 - now ScorpionPivots work in NT7b13.

 3/6/10 - Added MMlinesProPlus for NinjaTrader 7.

 2/15/10 - Added ScorpionCounter (not in store) and 2/15/10 - added two faster trend settings to Scorpion3.

 2/14/10 - Added a Testimonial page


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