The IT_HarmonicFan tool is a creation of Dr. Alexander Goulden, author of Behind The Veil. Build 7v8.
Rating: 5/5
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Manufacturer: Integrity Traders


Fibonacci, support/resistance, Gann and market structure enthusiasts alike might like this version of the Goulden Harmonic Fan. With this tool an A-B line is drawn and two intersecting arcs are calculated. The upper or lower half of the resulting Vesica Piscis formation is then divided into Fib levels. Trend lines are then created as a fan. Use of this tool is described in the book 'Behind The Veil' by Alexander Goulden.

Goulden's methods are reminiscent of other esoteric and sometime nebulous ideas by Gann, Jenkins and Murrey.




Quick settings from button.



Tick Adjuster options including Ticks per bar and Points per bar manual overrides.






Lengthy list of settings allows many options. Compare this tool to this Goulden Harmonic Fan.


Key Features

  • Accurate HarmonicFan, every time
  • Ability to apply two tools at once, just change the ID color of the second.
  • Tick adjuster for Point & Figure vertical units (ticks per box) and large time frame charts, including Ticks per bar and Points per bar manual overrides
  • Price snapping on/off
  • Direction of fan can be  drawn inversely
  • Optional fib levels/fan lines can be enabled
  • All lines have settings for enable/disable, thickness, color, style
  • Small toolbar button option
  • Definable hot key
  • Survives chart refreshes and restarts
  • Quick settings from button


Change Log

3/11/16 - Modified the TickAdjuster to be more accurate in Auto mode.

12/24/15 - Removed the Restore Data section in Parameters to save space.

8/5/15 - Added toggle to switch drawing on/off.

7/6/15 - Updated the quick setting button. Pull down menu arrow integrated and on the right side.

5/7/15 - Added quick settings from the button and Ticks per bar/Points per bar manual overrides to the Tick Adjuster.

3/10/15 - Updated to work with SodyPointAndFigure charts.

2/17/15 - Modified the indicator to warn and not work on non-equidistant bars. The irregularly spaced bars will not allow the tool to build correctly.

9/4/14 - Minor change allowing the shaded area to be grabbed and dragged to scroll the chart.

8/30/14 - added product


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Tuesday, 05 May 2015
This is the perfect creation of "Harmonic Fans" as described in "Goulden"s book". A must ...must have tool
Sunday, 30 November 2014
This tool is incredible and works perfectly. Measuring a chart in this manner without this tool would be tedious to say the least. The value of this tool far exceeds the price.
Michael Hershey