After having spent some time trading stocks and then moving to TradeStation to trade futures, I discovered how important indicators are to most futures traders. This spurred me to attempt to code indicators in Easy Language, with some success. I then moved to Ninja Trader and although NinjaScript looked like Chinese to me, I took it as a challenge. The result is a collection of indicators, some free and some for purchase.

Dan (left) & NinjaTrader CEO Ray  in Denver, April 2011


Let me say this. I am not a great trader but the experience and knowledge are invaluable. I do have an artistic side and I like thoroughness and efficiency. I am practical and like to figure out what seems to work best. I guess that is why my customers like the products. They work. Have a look around and see if there is anything you may like.

The 'Integrity' in the name means the indicators developed and sold here will always work as advertised. There are no 'worthless' indicators here. That is not to say an indicator will help you be profitable since that is up to the individual to fit any indicators into their trading strategy.

Good Trading!





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