Indicator Licensing

NinjaTrader V7 (and later) indicator licensing information page.


If you prefer, I will log onto your computer and create your ID to your preference for a $25 fee, using TeamViewer and Skype or phone.


Please only create one ID per computer. If you create a second one the first will be overwritten and any indicators under that license will cease working!

The licensing for NinjaTrader 7 has changed from the NT6.5 method of using your computer Machine ID to a more unique ID method. To avoid duplicate ID's one must now (from NT7 Control Center) click Help/3rd party licensing... and a module will open. In the (#1) field, Vendor name:, enter IntegrityTraders (with no space). In the (#2) field, User defined ID:, enter something to make the ID unique, such as your name (with no spaces and no special characters). Click submit and an ID will be generated below (#3). Highlight the ID and right click/copy or CTRL C to copy to the clipboard. Submit (paste) the number with your order or in an email, NO PICTURE PLEASE. See image below.

Important note: It is best if you save your user defined ID someplace. If you were to do a complete re-install of NT7 and re-import your indicators, they would not work because your generated unique ID would be lost. In this case you would go through the process again and use the SAME user defined ID as used originally. At that point your indicators will resume working (after an NT restart).