Where are the indicators??


The indicators are in the Indicator Store (now including the free indicators) which is only accessable to registered users. You can register here or at the 'Login' tab at the top of any page.

Once registered and logged in, you will see the Indicators Store listed here under the Indicators menu or in the menu at the top of this page.

On a trial basis the store is open to all. In order to make purchases you must be registered and logged in, else the cart functions are not available. Please log in at the top of this page.

When registering, please use a real email address and take care to type it correctly or you will not receive your validation email and will not be able to login. Do not use throw-away/temporary emails or you will not get an invoice with download links if you decide to make a purchase.

Enter Now or use the link on the top menu bar.


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